Our vision for the Lismore Parish Centre Preschool is that it be an Early Childhood Centre where all children are equal and unique. We will endeavour to help each child develop to their full potential in partnership with the family and within a christian atmosphere of love and care so that all children may grow with a sense of security, belonging, self-worth and respect for others. This will be implemented through effective communication between staff, parents and the Committee.

This vision will be achieved by applying the following mission goals:

  • Our children – We will provide a safe, caring educationally stimulating and secure environment. We believe that our preschool will assist children in developing a feeling of trust, in making relationships, and an appreciation of diversity of cultures to foster a feeling of self worth and belonging.
  • Our parents – We will provide a warm welcoming environment for our parents with a mutually supportive and informative service which honours each parent as their child’s first teacher.
  • Our staff  – We will respect and support our staff as individuals, encourage team work and develop a climate where they will want, and are able to develop as true professionals.
  • Our service– The service of our preschool will be available to all children and parents irrespective of disability, family and cultural background, gender, rural isolation, level of income and vulnerability to abuse or neglect.
    • Service delivery will take into account a coherent educational framework which will give the best advantage to all children.
    • We will work with our support network adding to the quality of services provided to enable our children to reach their potential.
    • We will ensure the maintenance and renewal of facilities required for a dynamic preschool, creating a safe environment.
  • Our volunteers – We will work together to encourage the efforts and participation of all volunteers working to support our preschool.
  • Our church – We are happily affiliated with the St Andrew’s community who support and contribute to our spiritual well-being. We liaise with St Andrew’s Parish Council through our Chairperson on a regular basis.
  • Our Committee – We will provide accurate information and support to our committee to enable them to effectively manage the preschool.
  • Our Government – We will develop effective relationships with the Government Departments and implement and adhere to licensing guidelines.
  • Our Environment – We will respect and protect our environment for future generations