Lismore Parish Centre Preschool – Newsletter Term 3

Dear Parents

We are having a great Term 3!

It’s so wonderful to see the children all becoming firm friends and enjoying their days here! Please read below about all the fantastic events coming up this term. If you have any questions, please see me or one of the staff. You can see these Events on our website Calendar too.

Also, a few more reminders…

✓ Don’t forget to get your Picture Product ordered and have your child create the template to return to preschool by 24th August. They make great presents for grandparents!

✓ IMPORTANT HEADS UP…I distributed a note to all families, (ON PINK PAPER) to let me know which days you would like your child to attend next year ASAP or which school your child will be attending. Unfortunately, some of these notes jumped out of the wall pockets ☹ PLEASE check that you have received one of these to return to me. If you haven’t we have spare notes in the office. THANK YOU!

✓ I am happy to speak with you about your child’s school readiness for 2019. Please come and see me if you need help to make this big decision which will impact your child’s schooling for many years to come.

Warm regards Pam     

TERM 3 -Upcoming Events – please keep these dates on display at home!


On Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th August our lovely photographer Amy, from the Camera House, will be here to take your child’s photo. (She would like to take a photo of all the children this year so that if by chance you missed bringing the envelope back to preschool, she will still have a photo for you to consider later. So, there will be a place for you to sign on the day to approve this please.)

On Tuesday 21st August -12.45 – 1.15pm
The nose-blowing lady is coming to our preschool!
Cheryl Baxter is an amazing lady who has personally taught many many young children how to blow their nose. If your child does not usually attend on a Tuesday, please feel free to bring them in for this great opportunity to learn a very useful skill!


From Monday 27th August for two weeks, we will have our visit from Henny Penny. It is a wonderful chance for the children to see eggs hatching in front of their eyes and learning about how to care for baby chickens.


On Tuesday 28th August 10am to 12pm – we will be going on a bus to the Lismore recycling Centre! We will be taken by bus through the facility to see everything they do there and to learn how we can make our preschool a super recycler!

On Tuesday 4th September at 2 pm
Gareth is a wonderful drummer who has visited our preschool many times with his great big drums. The children have one each and he teaches them how to keep in time and really gets them in the moment of music making as he uses his fun whistle and background music to make them feel they are part of a band!

Thursday 13th September 9 am to 12pm
We will be welcoming all our new families and children enrolling for 2019 on this Orientation morning.